About the Capital

Information and Symbols

The Dominion of Gaplastovia is co-officially the Principality of Gaplastovia and can be referred to as simply Gaplastovia.

However, it contains only a single city: New Gaplastovia, which serves as the nation's capital. It is a city-dominion, which means that the city of New Gaplastovia and the Dominion of Gaplastovia are synonymous.

The Prince of Gaplastovia serves as the Sovereign Prince of the Federated States of Gapla.

The Dominion Flag

The dominion flag serves as the standard of the Prince of Gaplastovia, Wyatt Baek, as well as the flag of the dominion itself.

It is also the city flag of New Gaplastovia, as the Dominion of Gaplastovia and the city of New Gaplastovia are synonymous. The Dominion of Gaplastovia is a city-dominion.

The Territories of Gaplastovia

The following section describes the territory of Gaplastovia.

The Dominion of Gaplastovia is currently made up of the city of New Gaplastovia, which consists of a house and a special territory. This territory is called Princess Chelsea Island, and is a part of Greater Danubia (also known as the Danubian territories), Gapla's new territory between Serbia and Croatia on the Danube river.

To the left is a map of the Danubian Territories. In yellow is Princess Chelsea Island. Once settled, it is planned to be a small administrative center with little permanent population.

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