New Gaplastovia was founded on 28 February 2019 with the Federated States of Gapla by Wyatt Seungri Baek. It was intended to be its capital, and its name, at that time, was Great Gapla City.

Over the years, many Gaplan have visited this historical and important site for many reasons: picking up documents, supplies, and just for fun or to talk with the people living in the capital.

Then, the 5th session of Interstate Competitions came. This competition was an important one: whoever won would receive Great Gapla City, which was then renamed to New Gaplastovia, as their state’s territory, would receive a new flag, and a new website.

There was tough competition between the states of Elemental, Emeralkia, and Folia Tail. Finally, Elemental acquired Emeralkia and beat Folia Tail: receiving the prizes and renaming the city.


New Gaplastovia has no official flag, coat of arms, or anthem, as it is only a city.

Most cities are not given a website, however, with the passing of the Executive Order to give New Gaplastovia a website, the one you’re viewing now (https://capital.gaplagov.org), has resulted in a website.

The de facto symbols of New Gaplastovia are the same as the national ones.

To learn about national symbols, click here.